Week 2 – Aug 18

Welcome to Week 2! We’ve got plenty of things on our virtual and literal desks this week, so let’s get started! Here’s an overview of the week to come:

English 10/English 10 Honors
–Finish up Plagiarism discussion and quiz
–Back to School Survey Writing
–Set up Literature textbooks
A Separate Peace small group and whole group discussions

Reminders and Important Dates:
8/25 A Separate Peace projects due
8/26 A Separate Peace End of Unit test
10/14 End of 1st quarter and deadline for 1st quarter Independent Reading Book Talks

–Set up Psychology ebooks
–Work through Chapter 1 and Learning Connections activities
–Chapter 1 assessment in Aplia (online companion to textbook) on Monday, 8/25

Upcoming Dates:
8/25 Chapter 1 assessment

Make sure that you check the Edmodo site often. You will find electronic versions of most of the items I hand out in class. Have a great week!