Week 4–Sept 2

Can you believe that it’s Week 4 already?

This week in English, we finish up our study of A Separate Peace as you turn in and present your A Separate Peace projects on Tuesday. We’ll also spend some time working on writing skills and finish up our discussion of Origin Myths.

If you haven’t already done your Book Talk for the quarter, make sure that you are working on your reading. The first quarter ends Oct 14, and English 10 students should have read 200 pages and done their first Book Talk by then. English 10 Honors students should have read 250 pages and done their first Book Talk by that point. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete this reading and these Book Talks!

English/English 10
A Separate Peace projects (due on Tuesday, 9/2) and presentations
6 + 1 Writing Traits and Foursquare
Refining your oral narrative
Finish up discussion of Origin Myths (from The Iroquois Constitution)
Read and Discuss from Journal of the First Voyage to America

Dive-In research presentations (due on Tuesday, 9/2)
Chapter 2–The Nervous System and The Brain
Read these sections on your own so that we can discuss the material in class

Let’s have a great week! Go Knights!