Week 5 — Sept 8

Another busy new week!

We’ve got lots to do this week, so make sure that you come to class ready to work and learn! 🙂  (But that’s what you always do, right? 🙂 )

English 10/English 10 Honors

Finish “Journal of the First Voyage to America”
“Of Plymouth Plantation”
“Huswifery”/”To My Dear Husband”
Begin reading “The Crucible” on your own. We’ll start discussion next Monday.

Test on Friday over Unit 1–The Beginnings 

**Don’t forget to continue working on your Independent Reading! The deadline for the first quarter is fast approaching and many of you have not done your Book Talk yet.


Finish up biology and psychology/brain structures
Handedness–left or right
Endocrine System
Test on Chapter 1 and 2