Persuasive Essay and Speech Assignment

Since this week has been more than a little unusual with all of the Homecoming activities, I thought I’d add some information here for you about the Persuasive Essay and Speech Assignment for the English 10/English 10 Honors classes.

Due Dates:
Persuasive Essay — due Monday, 10/27  **must be printed BEFORE class begins, so don’t come in expecting to AirDrop or email the file.
Persuasive Speech Podcast — due Friday, 10/31

Persuasive Essay Guidelines:
MLA format (double-spaced, size 12, Times New Roman font, 1″ margins)
500+ word minimum (about a page and a half)
MLA-formatted in-text citations and Works Cited page (the Works Cited page is in addition to the 500+ words of the text)

You may choose your own topic, but it must have an arguable thesis. That means that there are sides (pro/con, for example). The only topic that you may not discuss is one pertaining to abortion, simply because you’ve all discussed that topic extensively in Religion classes and I’d like to see you examine other topics.

All good persuasive writing should include research, both on the side you are arguing and on the opposing side. We discussed some reliable sources for this research in class (and the reason why you’d be more likely to find valid and reliable sources through the Alabama Virtual Library than through Google (which may certainly yield good results but will require much more digging and discerning). I’d suggest that you start with a search here:
The Opposing Viewpoints in Context link there might be a good place to start.

You will need to make sure that you follow MLA formatting guidelines for your in-text citations and your Works Cited section. You can find a great guide to MLA format on the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) here:
Here’s the section that specifically addresses the formatting of Works Cited citations for electronic sources (sources that are found on the web):

The FINAL draft of this essay is due on Monday, 10/27, so if you’d like me to review your rough draft and discuss it with you, make sure that you’re ready to do that in class on Thursday or Friday.

Once you have written your essay, you will need to adapt it to create a speech based on the same topic. You can use some of the same information, but you must do more than simply read your essay. You will then record this speech into a video podcast that you will turn in on Wednesday, 10/29. We will talk more about this in class.

Good luck!