Looking Ahead–2nd and 3rd Quarter Dates/Deadlines

I’m going to give the students a copy of this information in class, but I also wanted to post it online here in case the paper copy doesn’t make it home. 🙂

Looking ahead through 2nd and 3rd Quarters, I’ve already got some deadlines and important dates on the calendar. It’s important to note that some of these dates may shift a bit, but I wanted to give you an idea of the approximate dates and deadlines so that you can start planning now, especially because these quarters will have a reading-heavy workload.

2nd Quarter

November 17—all Sophomores must submit the title for your Q2 Book Talk

December 1—Poetry Anthology Project Due (information will come home this week!)

December 9—Unit 3 Literature Test

December 10—Reading Test over Chapters 1-15 of The Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn

**This is only about 65 pages, but you’ll want to go ahead and start reading
and making notes so that you don’t get behind!

December 12—2nd Quarter Book Talk due

**Note that you have a big poetry project, your second book talk, and the first section of Huckleberry Finn, plus another Unit test, due BEFORE exams. Do NOT wait until the last minute to do all of this. Start reading now!


3rd Quarter

3rd Quarter Book Talks will be on Ethan Frome

Jan 6—Reading Test over Chapters 16-30 of The Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn

Jan 20—The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Final Test

Feb 13—Unit 4 Test, Begin Reading The Great Gatsby for class

Mar 11—Due Date for Book Talks on Ethan Frome

3rd Quarter Sophomore Book Talks will all be done on Ethan Frome. At the beginning of 3rd quarter, I will give you a packet of questions that you must answer as you read and when you come to do your book talk with me, I will ask you several of those questions. Your Book Talk grade will be determined by your answers.

There will obviously be more things to be added to our calendar for 2nd and 3rd quarters, but I want to be sure that none of you fall behind and that you are able to start planning ahead now. Make sure to mark these deadlines on your calendars so that you are not caught off guard.