Week 14 — Nov 10

Hello again!

We’re approaching the midpoint of 2nd quarter (next Friday), so I want to strongly encourage all of you to check PowerSchool to make sure that everything is up to date. I’m still working on grading those Persuasive Essays and podcasts (and I hope to be done by Tuesday or Wednesday), but there are other things that some people have missing. If you have something missing, be sure to come by during tutorials to talk to me about it. You may be able to make it up (with a penalty for being late, of course). Remember that if you miss class because you’re sick or on a school activity, it is your responsibility to come to me when you return to make sure that you didn’t miss an assignment or a deadline.

Speaking of the persuasive essays. I will give you the opportunity to revise your essay for a higher grade, but you MUST come to me during tutorials for a conference about what you’ve already done. No revisions will be graded without a prior writing conference. This is a good opportunity to improve both your grade and your writing. I strongly suggest that you take advantage of it.

As we move forward into Unit 3, prepare for more at-home assignments, both in reading and in answering questions about the reading/discussion. I want to make sure that you’re all keeping up as we go along rather than wait until the end of the unit to find that some of you haven’t been paying attention. We’ll talk more about that in class. We’ll also start reading and discussing The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in another week or two, so go ahead and start reading that as well. You should have purchased it before school when you purchased books for the class.

English 10/English 10 Honors:
In Literature, we move on to Romanticism and Transcendentalism. This week, we’ll read “The Devil and Tom Walker” and some poetry by Longfellow and Oliver Wendell Holmes.

We’re going to move on from Learning to talk about Memory–kinds of memory, processes of memory, and stages of memory.

Speaking of memory, don’t forget that we’re off on Tuesday for Veteran’s Day. Don’t forget to thank a veteran for his or her service!