Week 16–Nov 24

It’s Thanksgiving week! I know that we’re all ready for a break (myself included), but we’ve got a few more things to do this week before that break comes.

English 10 folks–remember that you need to bring in a one-subject composition notebook (like those marbled mead notebooks) to class on Monday. Everyone who does will get a 100 for a participation grade. These will be your Journaling Notebooks, and you’ll be leaving them in class so that you won’t have to remember to bring them day after day. 🙂 I’ll take a weekly grade on them. More to come on that. 🙂

Looking ahead at this week:

English 10/English 10 Honors:
We will finish discussing Emerson’s Self-Reliance on Monday. If you haven’t read yet, make sure that you do. You need to read the following:
Transcendentalism: The Seekers p. 384
Introduction to Ralph Waldo Emerson p. 388
Self-Reliance p. 393
The first two are about a page or so long and the actual essay is a bit longer. What has this past week taught you about reading assignments and what happens in class? 😉
Tuesday will be a work day. You may bring your Poetry Project materials and work on that or you may bring your Independent Reading/Book Talk book and work on that. You MUST come prepared with something to do or I’ll assign you something that will be much less pleasant. 🙂 Make good use of this time in class.

We will discuss Thinking and Psychology this week. 🙂

Let’s make good use of these two days and get some good work done. Have a great week, everyone!