Poetry Anthology Project, Due MONDAY, 12/1

I wanted to give you all a reminder that we’ve got a big project due on Monday, December 1. (That’s the Monday that we get back!) I know that we’re all ready for a break, but don’t forget to get this done, as it’s a Project grade that counts as 20% of your average. You’ve had several weeks to work on this, so, if you’ve planned ahead (and listened to my warnings), you should be at least half way done by this point.

Some reminders:

  • You MUST have a Works Cited page. Without this, you are at risk for a plagiarism charge. Works Cited–sample
  • Your project MUST be printed and ready to turn in when you come to class on Monday. Do NOT wait until Sunday night to print your project, as Murphy’s Law dictates that printers don’t work the night before things are due.
  • Late projects will receive a 20 point deduction, meaning that your highest grade–if everything else is perfect–would be an 80. Projects will not be accepted AT ALL after Wednesday, 12/3. No exceptions.
  • If you are absent on Monday, you MUST email me your project as a placeholder before the start of your class. You will be required to turn in the printed copy when you return to class.

You’ve had several weeks to work on this, and I’ve given you time this week (yesterday and today) in class to work on it. Make sure that you have used this time wisely.

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!