English 10/English 10 Honors Testing Update

Hello English 10/English 10 Honors folks!
I’ve told you all in class, but just as another reminder, I’ve changed the plan to have a Unit 3 Test on Friday, Dec 12. There will NOT be a separate Unit 3 Test. I will instead have more Unit 3 questions on the Final Exam.

Speaking of the final, here is the schedule:

Tuesday, Dec 16: 6th period and 4th period
Wednesday, Dec 17: 3rd period and 5th period
Thursday, Dec 18: 7th period and 2nd period
Friday, Dec 19: 1st period and mass

You will be required to stay through the end of the exam period before leaving (i.e., you will not be allowed to check out once you are done with your test but must wait for the testing period to finish).

Bring your copy of Ethan Frome to the exam. This will be the book for your 3rd Quarter Book Talk, so if you finish your exam early, you can start reading and knock it out! 🙂

Make sure that you’re working on your annotations to help prepare for this exam!

One final note about Book Talks! You’ve got Book Talks due on Dec 12. If you haven’t done your Book Talk yet, I’ve added a 0 to the grade book for that assignment. You have until Dec 12 to do the Book Talk and correct that 0. No late talks will be allowed. You’ve had all quarter to do this talk, so don’t wait until the last day and then miss the deadline because you’re sick. (Don’t get sick, either, though! We need you healthy to go into Exams and then the Christmas Break!) There are still quite a few of you who haven’t met this deadline, so please please please don’t wait until the last minute! This should be an easy 100 for you, and I don’t like to give 0s for assignments like this. (I’ll do it, but I don’t like to!)

Have a great day. We’ve got a lot of work to do between now and Christmas Break, so let’s stay focused and keep this time productive! 🙂

**An Update to My Update!**
Since we’ve got a special day coming up, I’m willing to offer a little encouragement. All of those English 10 students who participate in the Tacky Christmas Sweater Day on Thursday, 12/11, (sponsored by Young Women’s Leadership) will get an extension on their Book Talk deadline. Instead of having the Book Talk due by 12/12, those who participate will have a deadline of 12/13 at the end of Tutorials. Make sure that you pay the $2 participation fee to your 1st period teacher! 🙂