2nd semester reminders

I just wanted to send you guys a few quick reminders as we gear up for 2nd semester.

Some of you haven’t brought in composition notebooks for your journals. This is a high priority item. Your journal prompts MUST be in composition notebooks starting this week or they will not be graded. I’ll remind you of this on Monday. Don’t forget to bring this in.

If you haven’t already purchased them, go ahead and buy a copy (new, used, hardback, paperback, electronic–whatever works for you!) of Adventures in Huckleberry Finn and Ethan Frome. You should start reading Ethan Frome this week so that you can finish it up and get your 3rd Quarter book talk out of the way!

Towards the end of last semester, I started adding a Tutorial Attendance “grade” in PowerSchool. That’s just a notation to show you (students and parents) when students come to tutorials and what they’re working on when they come. This doesn’t count towards the grade, but I think it’s an effective way to know if your student is making the most of the opportunities before him or her.

Along those same lines, students, if your grades weren’t what you (or your parents) would like them to be last semester, this is the time to think about ways to change that for 2nd semester. Come and see me during tutorials one day this week or next, and we can talk about ideas that might help you get on track for earning a higher grade this semester. I’m here almost every day until 3:30, and often I’m here until 5 or later, and I’m more than happy to work with you to help on the path towards earning a better grade.

I hope you’re enjoying these last two days before we get back into the swing of things with school. We’re going to hit the ground running on Monday, so come to school ready to work! 🙂 See you then!