Week 24–Feb 9

Here we are again–Sunday night! We’ve got another busy week of reading. Please make sure that you’re keeping up with your Book Talk reading. You’ve got to do your Book Talk with me by March 11 on either Ethan Frome or Unbroken. Hopefully you started the reading over Christmas Break and aren’t trying to cram it all in together! As I told you back around Thanksgiving, 3rd quarter would be a fairly heavy reading load. Don’t try to save it all for the last minute!

Speaking of our reading load, we’ll have three more Huck Finn Reading Quizzes this week:
Monday, 2/9 Ch 12-14 quiz
Wednesday, 2/11 Ch 15-18 quiz
Friday, 2/13 Ch 19-25 quiz

We’ll work on the discussion/study guide questions as we go through the week, too, in addition to some other things.

For my Psychology folks–this week we’ll make the shift from sensation and perception to start looking at body language and nonverbal communication. I’ve also got a fun project for us to start working on starting on Monday. 🙂

For all students–remember to keep an eye on PowerSchool. If you are absent or if you miss an assignment (particular a journal prompt), you can usually get that info in PowerSchool. Make sure that you’re keeping up with your journal prompts; they’re an easy way to get a good solid classwork grade.

Let’s have another great week!