Week 26–Feb 23

We’re moving right along! Before we know it, we’ll be in 4th Quarter preparing for the end of the school year! We’ve got quite a bit of work to do in the meantime, though, so let’s focus on the here and now first. 🙂

This week, you’ve got your final Reading Quiz (Ch 40-43) on Monday and your test on the whole novel on Wednesday, 2/25. I’ve got a study/review paper for you, and you’ll have some time to work through that in class on Monday and Tuesday. I should be available after school in Tutorials if you have any questions in advance of your test.

Your Huck Finn Theme Project is due Monday, 3/2. I wrote a detailed blog post about it last week, so make sure that you review that before this deadline approaches.

Once we finish with Huck Finn on Wednesday, we’ll be jumping into Great Gatsby. Make sure that you have already purchased that novel (or get it before Friday). I’ll try to have a reading schedule worked up for that for you by the middle of week or so.

Don’t forget that you should also be working on your Book Talk book (either Ethan Frome or Unbroken). I’ve only had a couple of you come to do your book talk, so you need to make sure that you’re working on that as well. Don’t wait until the final days of the quarter to get this Book Talk done!

Psychology folks, we’ll continue to talk about Body Language this week!

Have a great week, everyone!