Week 27–Mar 2

Another week is here! I hope that you’re all feeling better this week. My household was hit by that virus, too, and my goodness, it was rough!

Before I launch into a discussion of this week, let me remind you that you have the Huck Finn Theme Project due on MONDAY. You will need to submit a digital version of your project to turnitin.com by midnight Sunday, 3/1. You will also bring a printed copy to class on Monday. You may NOT print your paper once you come to class (nor will I accept an emailed or air dropped version), and the library is only available for printing during break or after school. Papers must have the turnitin and paper copy turned in–otherwise, they’ll be counted as late and points will be taken off. **If you are having problems with Turnitin or if you didn’t register in class (which you should have done), email the project to me, and we can get it up to Turnitin tomorrow. You must submit it or email it by midnight tonight, though!**

This week we’re going to dig into The Great Gatsby. If you were in class on Friday (and not out sick or at the TEAMS math thing), then you should have worked on reading Ch 1 and answering the questions. If you were out for either of those reasons (or some other reason), then it would be a good idea to try to catch up before class on Monday. Here is the set of questions for Ch 1: GatsbyQuestions-Ch1.

Here’s our schedule for the next four weeks as we work on Gatsby: Gatsby-schedule

You should assume that you have reading homework every night. You will have reading quizzes on Tuesday and Thursday this week and a quiz on Ch 1-4 of Gatsby on Friday. Make sure that you’re keeping up with your reading!

We’re also coming up on the last week of the quarter, and that means that the Book Talk deadline is looming ever closer! Only a handful of people have done a book talk so far, so there’s going to be quite a few people lining up over the next week or so. Remember that this counts as a Test Grade, and it’ll either be a 100 or a 0. Don’t wait until the last minute to do this!

You also need to be checking PowerSchool to make sure that you’re up to date on things. I’ve gotten almost everything updated (except journals–I’m behind on those). Be sure to look through your things (your journals, for example) to make sure that you’re caught up. If you’re missing any topics, then you can check PowerSchool–I update it with the topics each week. If you can’t check PowerSchool for some reason, then you probably have fines in the office. Someone in the Business Office should be able to help you.

For Psychology this week, we’re going to move from a discussion of Body Language to Social Psychology.

Finally, I wanted to do a quick shout out to two of my Sophomores! Tamrah Tucker and James Sadie were chosen to represent MCPS as Ambassadors for the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar this Spring. This is a great honor and I’m quite proud of both of them! Congrats, Tamrah and James!

Edited to Add–I’ve just heard another bit of good news about one of my Sophomores! Ledariane Moore will be serving as a Page in the AL Senate next week. What an honor! Congrats, Ledariane!