3rd Quarter Book Talks–Due 3/10

Students and Parents, we’re fast approaching the end of 3rd Quarter–March 11. Our 3rd Quarter Book Talks are due by March 10. I’ve been reminding students all Quarter about this deadline, but at this point, only 6 of my 78 students have completed Book Talks. We now have 4 days for 72 students to complete Book Talks after school–that’s just not enough time!

I have added a 0 to the Grade Book in PowerSchool for every student who has yet to complete a Book Talk. Book Talks counts for a Test/Writing Grade (which is worth 50% of the final grade), so this is a significant grade that students should have been preparing for all quarter. I’m afraid that too many aren’t taking this seriously and aren’t aware of the effect of a 0 on their average. A few students have completed half of their reading and done book talks on what they’ve read–that’s why they have a 50 instead of a 100.

Please encourage your students to make sure that they are getting their reading done so that they can complete this assignment.

Students have also been informed that any missing or make-up work must be completed by this Friday, 3/6, after school. Any outstanding 0s after that point will remain 0s.