Week 30–Mar 16

4th quarter! We’re on the home stretch now, and we all need to remain focused and work hard through the rest of the year. The lure of summer is great–I feel it, too–but we’ve got quite a lot to do before we can hang up our backpacks for the year, so stick with me and keep working!

English 10 folks, we’re nearing the end of The Great Gatsby. On Monday, you should come to class prepared to take a reading quiz on Ch 7 and 8. We’ll have another Reading Quiz on Wednesday on Ch 9. Thursday and Friday we’ll review for the unit test on Monday, March 23.

To recap:
Monday, 3/16: Ch 7 and 8 Reading Quiz
Wednesday, 3/17: Ch 9 Reading Quiz
Thursday and Friday, 3/18-3/19: Review for Test
Monday, 3/23: Unit Test on The Great Gatsby
Monday, 3/30: Book Choice Approval Deadline (Homework/DGP grade) **This was 3/27, but that’s Lenten Day of Service and we won’t be in class.
Wednesday, 4/15: Book Talk 4 Reading Benchmark 1 (Quiz grade)
Friday, 5/1: Book Talk 4 Reading Benchmark 2 (Quiz grade)
Friday, 5/15: Book Talk 4 Deadline (Test/Writing grade)

We’ll watch the Gatsby film after the test, and then we’ll move on to the Harlem Renaissance.
Note that I’ve added the 4th Quarter Book Talk deadlines to those dates above, too. I handed out an information sheet about 4th Quarter Book Talks in class, but you can find a digital copy here, too: Book Talk-4thQtr. You may certainly complete those benchmarks ahead of schedule, but you will be required to meet those deadlines. You should come prepared for your Book Talk to be in any format. Simply reading Sparknotes or Schmoop will not enable you to earn full points for your Book Talk. If you have any questions, feel free to come and see me during tutorials and I’ll be happy to answer them!

Just a quick note–I’ve got several appointments after school this week, so I won’t be here as late as I tend to be, though I should be here through tutorials every day except Wednesday.

Psychology folks, we’re going to do your Classical Conditioning presentations starting on Monday, and then we’ll move into other aspects of Social and Experimental Psychology.

Let’s have a great week!