Week 31–Mar 23

Another week begins tomorrow–don’t give up on me yet! We’ve still got to get through this week and next week and then we’ll get the Easter Break that we’ve all been looking forward to for what seems like months now. 🙂

English folks, don’t forget that you have an exam on The Great Gatsby tomorrow. As I told you in class, if you’re out for some reason, you’ll need to be prepared to take it in tutorials the next day.

Make sure to look over your study guide questions. You’ll also want to review that quote review sheet that we did on Thursday and Friday, as you may see some of those on your exam. For each of those quotes, you should be able to tell me who was speaking and what was going on in that particular scene (or what significance that quote had in the novel).

Tuesday through Thursday we’ll be watching The Great Gatsby movie in class, and Friday is the Lenten Day of Service. The Lenten Day of Service starts off with mass at 7:45am, and then the sophomore girls will be working at MCPS and in the park and the sophomore boys will be at Camp Chandler, I believe. You’ll be getting permission slips for all of this in Activity on Monday, and you’ll need to make sure to bring them back quickly.

Next week we’ll be moving on to do a quick two week unit (the week before Spring Break and the week after) on the Harlem Renaissance, and you’ll have a project to do for that. Then we’re moving on to Fahrenheit 451.

Keep your 4th Quarter Book Talk deadlines in mind and don’t let them sneak up on you:
Monday, March 30–deadline for book approval (must be completed by the end of tutorials)–Homework grade
Wednesday, April 15–benchmark 1–75 page deadline (must be completed in tutorials BEFORE this point)–Quiz grade
Friday, May 1–benchmark 2–150 page deadline (must be completed in tutorials BEFORE this point)–Quiz grade
Friday, May 15–Final Book Talk deadline (full 200/250 pages must be completed in tutorials BEFORE this point)–Test/Writing grade

We’re going to start reading Fahrenheit 451 on Monday, April 21, so make sure that you get ahead on these book talk deadlines before then so that you don’t have to read two books at the same time. I would strongly encourage you to try to be at least halfway to your goal (200 pages for Eng 10, 250 pages for Eng 10 Honors) by that first benchmark deadline–further, if at all possible. You can, of course, meet those deadlines early–just make sure that you plan to do this in tutorials. I’m at school until at least 4 (and usually later) most days, though I do have to leave earlier for physical therapy twice a week for the next few weeks. Feel free to talk to me in class to ask when I’ll be around later each week.

Psychology students–we’ll work on some Social Psychology topics and you’ll be working on creating your own experiments.

Let’s have a great week, everyone! Let’s stay focused and get all of our work done so that we can have a great couple of weeks before Easter Break!