Week 33–Apr 13

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed Easter Break! Now we’re on the Home Stretch and we need to stay focused to finish up this school year strong.

Don’t forget that your Harlem Renaissance Project is due on Tuesday, Apr 14. You’ll have a work day in class Monday, Apr 13, but please don’t wait until this work day to start your project. If you’ve already finished your project, then be sure to bring something to work on (NOT a game) or your book for your book talk. You must be actively engaged in work on Monday.

Don’t forget that you MUST do a Works Cited page with your project. If you’re doing a Prezi or PowerPoint, just include the Works Cited information on the last slide. You will also need to put your Works Cited page into a Word document and print it out to turn in. I’ll be looking at Works Cited pages in class Monday to make sure you’re formatting them correctly.  If you’re doing something different, you will need to print a copy of the Works Cited page and turn it in on Tuesday. Here’s a sample Works Cited page that gives examples (and explanations in red) for some of the different types of sources that you’ll be using.

If you created a Prezi for this project, you can easily share it with me. On the Prezi site, open up the edit screen for your presentation. Click Share and go down to Add People. Put my email in the box (sturner with the Montgomery Catholic suffix, just like your family email). Look at the drop down box next to that box. It’s currently set to edit, but click on the drop down arrow and change it to Viewer. Now click Add. Once you do that, I can pull up your presentation, and it’ll be easy to display it. If you need help adding media (songs or videos), leave me as editor and send me an email (or have me help you during our work day on Monday in class), and I can help you.

We’ll be doing these presentations Tuesday through Friday in class. In the meantime, make sure that you’re working on your book talk reading. You’ve got a benchmark coming up on April 15, and those must be done after school in tutorials. If you haven’t done yours yet, you’ll need to make sure to plan to be in tutorials Mon-Wed of the week after Spring Break to get this done. The benchmark is for 75 pages of your novel. You’ll need to bring your novel with you (or you will not be allowed to do the benchmark) and you’ll need to plan to stay for tutorials. There will be no time in class to do these, and no late benchmarks will be allowed. Each Benchmark (this one and the one on May 1) counts as a Quiz grade.

Once we finish the presentations this week, we’re moving on to Fahrenheit 451. You should have gotten it at the beginning of the year when you bought books, but if you haven’t done so, you need to make sure that you get it this week and even think about starting your reading. Here is the Fahrenheit 451 reading schedule and assignment description.

I want to give you a head’s up about an extra credit opportunity at the end of the semester. When you come to take your final, you may choose to donate your copies of the novels we read this year for extra credit points. You can’t donate them early–you’ll need them to study for the final. I’ll give you more details as we get closer to finals.

Have a great week!