Week 34–Apr 20

Welcome to Week 34! We’re on the home stretch now, so keep working and don’t give up on me yet!

This week we begin discussing Fahrenheit 451. You should have a copy of the reading schedule in your notebooks, but just in case, here’s another copy: F451schedule. Some of you have different versions of the novel, so here’s a quick list of the last line for each reading section:

Monday, 4/20: p. 3-24 “And then, very slowly, as he walked, he tilted his head back in the rain, for just a few moments, and opened his mouth…”

Tuesday, 4/21: p. 24-48 “He did not open the window.”

Wednesday, 4/22: p. 48-68 “‘Here now,’ said Montag. ‘We’ll start over again, at the beginning.'” (End of Part One)
**You’ll have a quiz over Part One on Wednesday, 4/22!

Thursday, 4/23: p. 71-91 “The door opened and shut. Montag was in the dark street again, looking at the world.”

Friday, 4/24: p. 91-110 “‘Why,’ said Montag slowly, ‘we’ve stopped in front of my house.'” (End of Part Two)
**You’ll have a quiz over Part Two on Friday, 4/24!

Monday, 4/27: p. 113-136 “He ran very fast away from the house, down toward the river.”

Tuesday, 4/28: p. 154-165 “When we reach the city.” (End of Part Three)
**You’ll have a quiz over Part Three on Tuesday, 4/28!

Wednesday, 4/29: p. 167-179 “And no one can help me. Not even you.” (Afterward & Coda)
**You’ll have a quiz over Afterword & Coda on Wednesday, 4/29!

Friday, 5/1: Test over the whole novel.

Don’t forget that you should be keeping up with your writing responses every night. Each night you should write one page of response to what you’ve read (one paragraph of summary and the rest of the page with your own reflections or questions or connections to the reading). You will also find 5 quotes from the reading selection each night. I will check these things randomly as we work through the novel.

Another deadline to be mindful about is the Benchmark 2 deadline for your 4th Quarter Book Talk. This is a quiz grade, so make sure that you come on or before May 1 in tutorials to complete your work. This benchmark is over pages 75-150 of your novel. If you get to 150 pages before then, come by during tutorials to do your benchmark–don’t wait until the 1st! If you finish the whole novel before then, come and do the final book talk and you can get that knocked out before those last weeks of school.

Have a great week!