Week 35–Apr 27

Don’t give up on me yet–we’re heading into the long straightaway and we’ve still got some work to do before the semester ends!

This weekend, you should have read the next 20 pages in Fahrenheit. You should be up to p. 91 in your reading now. I’ll be doing a quote journal check tomorrow (Monday) in class (and again on Wednesday and Friday), so make sure that you’re keeping up. You should be writing a page of summary/reflection (a paragraph of summary of what you read and then the rest of the page with questions or ideas or reflections about what you’ve read) AND finding 5 quotes per reading assignment. You’ll also have a quiz on Part 2 on Tuesday, so be prepared.

We’ll have a reading day on Thursday, 4/30. You MUST bring either your Fahrenheit copy or your book talk book. You will spend the whole class period reading and will receive a quiz grade for your participation. If you do not come with a book to read for that class period, one will be given to you (and I can’t guarantee that it’ll be Fahrenheit or your book talk book). Don’t forget.

Don’t forget, too, that the Benchmark 2 deadline for Book Talks is this Friday by the end of tutorials. All book talks must be completed during tutorials, so plan some time to come during tutorials after school this week. The Benchmark 2 grade will be a quiz grade.

I’m going to attach a copy of the revised schedule that I gave you in class last week so that you can access it even if you might have misplaced the hard copy. 🙂 F451schedule-revised

Let’s have a great week!

**Track folks–I know that you’re gone Thursday and Friday for State. Good luck! Make sure that you’ve met your Benchmark 2 deadline BEFORE you go! I’ll check your quote journals for Friday’s check when you come back. This is directed specifically at Track folks, but I know that several of you will likely be missing class at some point or another this week because of sports (Golf, softball, track). Pay attention to the schedule. If you have a quiz on the schedule, be sure to talk to me BEFORE you miss class and the quiz. If you miss a quiz because of these planned absences (and have already talked to me), you should come prepared to take that missed quiz THE NEXT DAY in tutorials.