Looking to the end of semester–figuring out grades

I’ve had many of you wondering where you stand, and Dr. Profio shared this handy chart that I thought would help you.

Directly from Dr Profio’s blog:
Semester grades are a weighted average of the 3rd quarter grade (40% of semester grade), the 4th quarter grade (40% of semester grade), and the final exam (20% of semester grade). A student with passing quarter grades that together average below 75 may still fail the semester with a sufficiently low score on the final exam. The table below shows the minimum final exam scores required to pass the semester for a selection of quarter averages.


We don’t have all grades in yet–you still have a test on Fahrenheit 451 (test grade), your final book talk grade (test grade), and a few quote journals (homework grades) and reading quizzes (quiz grades). The biggest impact will come from the Fahrenheit 451 test and the book talk grade, but if you’re close to the line, everything will count. Make sure that you make these last weeks count.

Thanks for the chart, Dr. Profio!