Week 36–May 4

Huge congrats to Tamrah for placing 3rd in the state for the 100m! The rest of the track team ran well, too, so make sure you listen for updates and congratulate them. Good luck to the golf team at sub-state Monday. Congrats to Softball for a great season!

Our thoughts and prayers are still with the Foster Family.

We’re almost there! We finish up Fahrenheit this week (so catch up, if you haven’t!). You should be ready to discuss through p. 154 Monday, and you have a quote journal check. Your test on Fahrenheit is on Friday, and you’ll have a DGP test next Monday (5/11). If you haven’t done your Book Talk Benchmark 2 yet, you MUST complete it by the end of tutorials on Monday. I gave you some extra time over the weekend, so make it a priority to get that done. Your final book talk must be completed by 5/15.

If I owe you an email from Thursday or Friday, I’ll email you during my planning period on Monday. The end of last week was crazy for me, and I didn’t get a chance to get back to school after the funeral on Friday to pick up my computer. I apologize for the delay.

Let’s stay focused and get everything done on our list this week. Remember–no MineCraft during classes. You should focus on your class work and on meeting or exceeding your goals. Let’s have a great week!