2015-16 Week 1 – Aug 17

Happy Week One, everyone! I enjoyed getting to know you all today, and I look forward to our next year together. At least once a week, I’ll be updating this blog with information about what’s going on for the week. If I give you any handouts or anything during the week, I’ll try to come back and add a link in that week’s post, if possible.

Coming up this week in English:
Monday–Welcome back and intro
Tuesday–Scarlet Letter Summer Reading Test and Summer Reading Quote Journals Due
Wednesday–plagiarism discussion/MLA format
Thursday–Lit Circle discussion and Q1 Book Pass
Friday–Open floor for Scarlet Letter questions, Intro Prezi

Here are some dates to be aware of for the next couple of weeks:
Tues, 8/18 Scarlet Letter Summer Reading Test
Tues, 8/18 Scarlet Letter Summer Reading Quote Journals Due
Thurs, 8/20 Q1 Lit Circle Book Pass (in-class activity)
Tues, 8/24 In-class essay writing–rough draft due at end of period
Fri, 8/28 Article of the Week reflection due (We’ll talk about this in class this Wed/Thurs)
Wed, 9/2 Scarlet Letter Novel Project Due
Thurs, 9/3 Scarlet Letter Final Test
Fri, 9/4 Essay 1 Final draft due

As you can see, we’re going to hit the ground running. Make sure that you’re keeping up with in-class discussions and with any out of class assignments. Use the time that I give you in class wisely–I’ll give you some time in class to work on some of these assignments.

Students, if you ever have any questions/worries/concerns about something that you heard in class or about an assignment that you’re working on, the best plan is to swing by my classroom after tutorials and get clarification. That way you’ll know an answer right away. 🙂