2015-16 Week 2 – Aug 24

Welcome back, Knights! I hope that you were able to get rested and refreshed over the weekend because we’re ready to hit the ground running!

Don’t forget that the High School Open House is this Monday night at 6:30. I hope that I get to meet your parents that night! I’m thinking of giving you an incentive…more on that in class tomorrow. Don’t forget to ask me about it! 😉

I need the following things from you by Tuesday:

I will be assigning Lit Circle groups and novels on Tuesday afternoon. Your first deadline for the Lit Circle session 1 is Sept 8, so you’ll need to get reading right away. I suggest that you work to make sure you’re about halfway through the novel by that point.

We’re also starting Speak on Sept 8, so if you don’t have it yet, make sure to pick it up this week. I’ll give you a reading schedule for that soon.

This week in English:

  • Monday–
  • Tuesday–
    • SL Intro Prezi
    • Character Development Discussion
    • Lit Circle Permission Form and Top 3 list due
  • Wednesday–
    • Character Discussion
    • Symbolism Discussion
  • Thursday–
    • Small group theme discussion
    • Rough Draft essay conferences
  • Friday–
    • Sophomore Retreat
    • Article of the Week response due–**if not in class because of Sophomore Retreat, turn in during tutorials or in blue folder on door**

This week in Drama:
We will be discussing two different acting methods (Stanislavski and Meisner) and viewing some examples of each as well as completing some activities in each style.
We will also begin working on monologues.