2015-16 Week 3 – Aug 31

Another week begins, Sophomores!

First of all, big congrats to the Football team, band, and color guard for a great game on Friday night! I hope for more Friday nights like that one! I also got to see a couple of the Varsity and JV Volleyball games on Saturday–great job, ladies! Volleyball is an exciting sport and I look forward to seeing more this season!

Don’t forget to bring in the $7 for the DGP book. I’m going to give you 10 bonus points on the first DGP test this quarter because of the inconvenience of having to pay for this book separately, but make sure you get your money in. If there’s a problem, please come and talk to me privately before school or in tutorials.

Big week for grades this week! You’ve got a Scarlet Letter project due (Wednesday) and a final Scarlet Letter test (Thursday). Don’t forget, too, that your Literature Circle Session 1 video is due in one week, so you should make sure that you’re about 100 pages into those novels by the time you record your session. We start discussing Speak next week, too, so you need to be reading that as well. Yes–you’ll need to be reading more than one book at a time. You can do it. 🙂 If it helps, you could take notes on your reading (that’s a good idea anyway), but really, the two books you should be working on right now are quite different. You most likely won’t mix them up!

Let’s take a look at this week in English:

  • Monday:
    • Turn in your completed rough draft to try to earn the rest of the draft points. (I gave back your partial drafts Friday.)
    • Bring your Lit Circle books to class. This will be a reading day. If you haven’t had a chance to buy your Lit Circle book yet, you can always download the free Kindle app onto your laptop and buy a digital copy of the book. I’ll let you read that in class Monday.
    • Lit Circle Book Groups:
    • Article of the Week: AotW-2014_0831 We’ll take 10 min for you to read this in class and mark your confusion. You don’t have to print it out from here. I’ve got copies made already. 🙂
    • Turnitin signups. We’ll make sure everyone is signed up for Turnitin.com in preparation for the Thursday night essay deadline.
  • Tuesday:
    • Today we’ll work on Scarlet Letter themes. You’ll have part of the class to discuss themes in small groups and then each group will present the results of your discussion to class.
  • Wednesday:
    • Scarlet Letter projects due in class today. Each student will present his or her project to the class.
  • Thursday:
    • Scarlet Letter final test today. Short Answer format. Remember to study the study guide questions I gave you last week. See me in tutorials if you need another copy.
    • 9pm Turnitin deadline for Essay 1 final draft
  • Friday:
    • Article of the Week response due
    • Final Draft of Essay 1 due. Paper copy must be printed and turned in by the end of tutorials.

Since we’ve got a long weekend next weekend, don’t forget, too, that your Lit Circle Session 1 video is due on Sept 8 Sept 14. **I’ve extended the Lit Circle Session 1 deadline to Sept 14 to give you a couple of extra days to pick up the book.** The process that we use to discuss theme on Tuesday in class will be similar to what you’ll do for the Lit Circle Session 1 assignment (except it’ll be focused on character development instead of theme). Make sure that you get with your group this week during tutorials to do that recording. 🙂

Drama folks–
Don’t forget that you have to present your second monologue on Monday. It needs to be memorized and presented with feeling. I can’t wait to see it!
The rest of the week, we’ll be discussing two different acting methods and we’ll do some exercises for each.

Let’s have a great week! Go Knights!