Revised Literature Circle Assignment Deadlines

Hello, students!

I posted yesterday that I was extending the Literature Session One deadline, but after reflecting upon the assignment and praying about it, I decided to make more than that one change to the assignment. Last year, Sophomores were expected to read 200 pages of independent reading a quarter (Honors had to read 250 pages). That’s what I had in mind when I chose the novels for the Literature Circle assignment. In reality, though, many of the novels on my list are longer than the 200 or 250 pages from last year. Because of that, I’ve revised the assignment so that regular Sophomores will read the book that they’ve chosen for 1st quarter over the full 1st semester, and then they’ll choose a different book for 2nd semester. Honors will read three books over the year instead of four books.

I know that some of you were feeling stressed about managing two books at one time (whole class novels like Speak or Huck Finn and the Lit Circle book). I still feel that you can do that, but I hope that this change eases that pressure for you a bit.

Here are the revised date assignments:

Literature Circle Book Talk Assignment-dates-rev

Literature Circle Book Talk Assignment-dates-revH (Honors)