End of Week reminders for Eng 10 (Sept 3)

By now almost all of you have taken your Scarlet Letter final test. I hope you were prepared and performed well! I’ll be working on getting those graded tomorrow and over the weekend.

There are some important deadlines tonight and tomorrow that I don’t want you to forget about:

  • 9pm tonight (Thursday, Sept 3)–digital copy of Essay 1 Final draft due on Turnitin.com. Don’t wait until 8:55pm to submit! 🙂
  • In class tomorrow: PRINTED copy of Essay 1 Final draft and handwritten copy (and rubric) of Essay 1 Rough draft. Staple together with Final draft in front and turn in to your class bin.
  • In class tomorrow: printed or handwritten Article of the Week response

You will be getting a reading day in class tomorrow to work on reading Speak. You should plan to have at least 92 pages of it read by class on Tuesday, so I wanted to give you a little time in class to get a jump start on it. 🙂 If you’ve already reached that benchmark, keep reading! 🙂

Otherwise, enjoy the long weekend! 🙂