Important Points for Article of the Week Responses

Happy Labor Day, Sophomores! I hope that you’re enjoying this long weekend and appreciating the sacrifice of the many workers in this country who have enabled us to live as we do today.

I’ll be back later with the regular weekly update, but I wanted to take a minute to comment about some of the Article of the Week responses that I’ve read so far.

As I explained when I initially described the assignment, you do not need to repeat the information in the article to me. Many of you are doing this–that’s not necessary for this assignment. In your attempt to summarize or paraphrase the articles, you’re actually plagiarizing (not all of you, but several of you). Remember that plagiarism occurs when you directly quote or paraphrase ideas from another source without offering credit. If you have plagiarized on this assignment, you’ve gotten a 0 and I added a note to the grade on PowerSchool. If you are caught plagiarizing again, the consequences will be more severe.

More than all of that, though, that’s not part of the assignment. With these Article of the Week assignments, I’m looking for you to give me your response–your thoughts and ideas and reactions to the story. I’ve read the story–I don’t need a summary of what was in there. I’m just looking for your response.

About half of the responses I’ve read so far do not have the annotated article attached. If you’ll refer back to your rubric (from the original Assignment page that I gave you week one), you’ll see that half of the grade comes from your annotation (the “Marking the Confusion”) and half from the response itself. It’s important to engage with the text and make notes and comments as you read. We usually have a few minutes to do this in class, so make sure that you’re doing this important step.

I’m going to mark this week’s Article of the Week response as a Homework/DGP grade rather than as a Quiz/Classwork grade because so many of you have missed one part of this assignment or another and I want to give you another chance. Moving forward, let’s remember that I need the annotated article attached and 100% of the response must come from you and not from another source.

More later. 🙂 Enjoy your day!