2015-16 Week 5 – Sept 14

Kudos to the football team, the cheerleaders, the band, and the flag line who all worked hard on Friday night. Hopefully we’ll take the lessons learned this week and apply them going forward and we’ll come out victorious in upcoming games. 🙂

I haven’t heard results from the other athletic events this weekend. Will someone in Cross Country and Volleyball let me know how y’all did? I hope to hear good news!

Let’s get ready for another week! Since we’re doing an in-class rough draft essay tomorrow, I want to remind you to start first with a rough thesis statement and an outline of your topic sentences before you begin. Hopefully that’ll help you work to develop your ideas more fully. You should bring your copy of Speak and/or your Literature Circle novel, too. If you finish writing early, you can use the remainder of the time to read.

This week in English:

  • Monday
    • In-class rough draft essay
    • Honors Class–Literature Circle Session 1 due. Make sure that you’re ready to transfer a digital file to me in class.
    • Regular class–reminder that your Literature Circle Session 1 deadline is Oct 5. You should be halfway through your novel by then and you should have discussed (and recorded that discussion) the novel with your group.
  • Tuesday
    • Discuss Speak and discussion/study questions
  • Wednesday
    • Discuss Speak and discussion/study questions
  • Thursday
    • Discuss Speak and discussion/study questions
  • Friday
    • Article of the Week response due
    • Discuss Speak and discussion/study questions

Upcoming deadlines in English:

  • In-class rough draft essay–end of class Monday, 9/14
  • Honors–Literature Circle Session 1 due Monday, 9/14
  • Article of the Week response–Friday, 9/18
  • Speak Final test–Tuesday, 9/22
  • Article of the week response–Friday, 9/25
  • Final Draft Essay 2 to Turnitin.com–Thursday, 9/24 at 9pm
  • Final Draft Essay 2–Friday, 9/25

Let’s have a great week!