2015-16 Week 6 – Sept 21

Happy Sunday, all! I’ve been at the Senior Retreat all weekend, and it’s been fabulous. I can’t wait until you’re seniors–we’ll have a great time! 🙂

Quickly tonight (because I’m exhausted), here’s what to expect this week:

Monday–Speak Test (periods A and D), study/review (1 and 2)
Tuesday–Speak Test (periods 1 and 2), writing work day/Lit Circle reading work day
Wednesday–Field Day
Thursday–Lit Circle novel silent reading day; Essay 2 Final draft due on Turnitin by 9pm
Friday–Essay 2 Final draft due (printed copy must be turned in), Article of the Week response

G00d luck on your Speak test! I hope that you’re ready! I can’t wait to see your outfits for Homecoming Week this week!

Here are the Dress Code guidelines for Homecoming Days and for the Homecoming Dance:

Dress Code for Homecoming Week 2015

Homecoming Dress Code 2015