2015-16 Week 7– Sept 28

Happy Sunday, Sophomores! You all looked beautiful (and handsome!) last night at the Homecoming Dance!

We’re back to normal this week. On Monday, we’ll have a DGP test. If you would like to review and you don’t have the grammar packets from Mrs. Sinclair from last year, you can access the notes here:


ETA–The format for the DGP test will be labeling and diagramming, but the sentences will be about the same difficulty level as the ones that we’ve done so far. You should pay special attention to the differences between Parts of SPEECH (Monday’s notes) and Parts of the SENTENCE (Tuesday’s notes), as people seem to mix those up from time to time. You’ll also need to be able to label clauses, determine whether something is an adjective or adverb phrase, and fill in a diagram.

I’ll be setting up textbook access tomorrow, too, because we’re starting our first unit in the textbook. You should be working on the Native American Myth project that I gave you on Friday.

Don’t forget your Literature Circle Session 1 recordings. Those are due Oct 5.

Have a good afternoon! See y’all tomorrow!