Go, Knights! + In-class essay this week

Football, cheer, color guard, and band–thank you for a great game last night. Second half was so exciting and so positive. You guys on the team fought hard and showed them what you are capable of, and that’s pretty awesome. I’m proud of you guys!! Cheer, color guard, and band–thank you for leading us and cheering us. You rocked! By the way–that other school’s band looked huge, but I like your style. Good luck today at your competition! Students, you did a great job of supporting your team!

Prayers today for safe travels for the band and color guard. I hope your competition goes well! Also, good luck to our Cross Country team. I hope you blow the competition away!

Looking ahead to this week, remember that I told you that I’m going to throw out the in-class essay that y’all did last Monday. I thought that you had experience in writing that type of essay so that this could be a review/refine opportunity. Since you haven’t, we’ll save that format for another time and move forward. There will be a couple of different things about this week’s in-class essay. The first is that it will function as the rough draft for a persuasive speech (due next week) rather than a final draft of the essay. (You’ll still have a Turnitin.com deadline, though!)

Second is that this prompt is going to be a little different because I want to start giving you some practice writing for the ACT Writing test. It’s not required by all colleges, but Auburn, Alabama, and Troy all require applicants to take it at least once, and those are the three most of the most common school choices for our graduates. The ACT Writing test changes this fall, though, from a basic persuasive essay (pick a side of the issue and write about it) to an essay that requires both persuasion AND analysis. This will be more challenging, so I want to give you time and practice to help you on it. This is a good change for the ACT (in my opinion) because it requires more real world skills that you’ll actually use in college and in your careers, but it’ll take some practice. You can read about the test here if you’d like more information.

Third, because this prompt is going to be more detailed, you’re going to work on it Monday AND Tuesday in class. You’ll do the pre-writing/planning/organizing on Monday, and then you’ll leave your work with me. On Tuesday, you’ll come in and do the actual writing. On the ACT Writing test you’ll get 40 min for the whole process, but we’ll work up to that. 🙂

We’ll do this essay work on Monday and Tuesday and then we’ll jump into Unit 2, which focuses on Revolutionary literature like the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Paine’s Crisis, and Patrick Henry’s famous speech. These works are particularly interesting as we enter an election year, so hopefully you’ll find some connections there, too. 🙂

I’ll be back with my regular weekly update tomorrow. Enjoy your Saturday and Go, Knights!