2015-16 Week 10 – Oct 19

Are y’all tired of hearing from me yet? lol Yet another blog post this weekend! This is just our weekly update post, though. 🙂 I’ve got a little good news, some bad news, and then our regular update. Let’s get to it!

Good news first! In case you didn’t see the weekly MCPS email, you’ve got a Dress Down day tomorrow! Mrs. Ceasar is so proud of the way ALL of our athletes and students and FAMILY have come together this fall, and as a reward, she’s declared a K4-12 dress down day for Monday, Oct 19. Yay! Just remember that normal rules apply (no skinny jeans, etc.).

Bad news–I talked to you all in class about this on Friday, but I wanted to repeat myself for the benefit of your parents. The Unit 1 test grades were horrible (in general–there were a few high Bs and As throughout the classes, but not what I had expected). Because this test followed our testing day and came right at the end of the quarter, I purposefully made this test shorter and easier than others, and I also included a vocab matching section to help you, too. Not only that, but 35 of the 37 questions came from the study guide, and probably 75% of those questions were WORD-for-WORD from the study guide. I expected everyone to make As and Bs on this.  You guys–you have to read. You just have to. You should review your notes (which means you should also take notes!). If I give you a study guide, then there’s a pretty high probability that that’s what I think you should know about the material. These grades are going to stand as they are–and that’s probably going to hurt some of your averages right here at the end of the quarter. Take it as a learning experience and make sure to remember to do the reading and study for the tests. Your parents and I can’t care more about your grades that you do–you’re all capable of doing better (in some cases, much much better) than you did, so that’s what I expect to see moving forward. I did add the 10 bonus points (from buying the DGP book early) to this test, so that helped you a bit. Ok, enough of that. Let’s leave that bad experience in the past, shall we? 🙂

End of Quarter 1 note–if any of you would like to schedule a conference with me (students and/or parents) to discuss Quarter 1 and to strategize for moving forward, please let me know! I’m available in tutorials just about any day, but I can also set up appointments at other times if that is what we need to do. Students, those who did the best on the Unit 1 test were the ones who spent time in tutorials these last couple of weeks, so that would be a good opportunity to schedule in a little extra time!

This week–Welcome to Quarter 2! Can you believe you’re a quarter of the way through your Sophomore year? If Quarter 1 grades weren’t what you hoped, this is the time to buckle down and do great to balance that out. Let’s keep working!

  • Monday
    • In-class essay
    • pick up Article of the Week
    • HONORS–Lit Circle Session #2 due!
  • Tuesday
    • In-class essay continued
    • Homework: read Historical background in textbook (In left menu go to Unit 2, click on Overview featuring William Andrews, click on American and World Events, click on Historical Background and read that and Literature of the Period–I’ll add exact page numbers on Monday 😉 )
  • Wednesday
    • Begin discussing Revolutionary Literature (Unit 2)
    • Discuss Historical background and Literature of the Period
    • Homework: read introduction to Olaudah Equiano and read “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano”
    • do pre-class annotations for this selection!
  • Thursday
    • Discuss Olaudah Equiano
    • Homework: read introduction to Thomas Jefferson and read “The Declaration of Independence”
    • do pre-class annotations!
  • Friday
    • Discuss “The Declaration of Independence”
    • Article of the Week response due
    • HONORS–don’t forget that your Literary Letter for this Literature Circle book is due Monday, Oct 26!)
    • REGULAR ENGLISH–don’t forget that you should be finished with your Literature Circle book by Halloween! Make sure you’re doing your reading!

This week we jump into a fairly political section of American history. Since we’re entering an election year, I think that it’ll be interesting to take a closer look at how our government was set up and why it was set up this way. You’ll be doing similar things in History, so don’t be surprised when you recognize things from one class to the other. 🙂

Let’s have a great week! Go Knights!