2015-16 Week 11 – Oct 26

Here we are at Week 11! Congrats to the football team who had a great win and to Colorguard and Cheer who cheered them on! I heard that the band was awesome that night, and that there was extra cheering for you. Great job, guys! Congrats, too, to both Boys and Girls Cross Country–you had a great meet on Thursday!

On Monday when you come to class, you should have the beginnings of your Persuasive Speech ready. I’ll be expecting to see your thesis statement (with position) and your major supporting points. Don’t forget that your speeches are due on Thursday–and don’t wait until the last minute! 🙂

Remember that you will only be allowed to bring up one notecard with keywords bullet-pointed on it. You MUST prepare and memorize your speech. Try recording yourself as you practice.

You should also be doing your pre-class annotations when you read the homework assignments.

Let’s take a look at the week ahead:

  • Monday
    • HONORS–Literary Letters due
    • discuss “Declaration of Independence”
    • be prepared to share pre-class annotation AND Persuasive Speech thesis and topic sentences
    • Homework:  read p. 174-176 “The Crisis” and do pre-class annotation
  • Tuesday
    • discuss “The Crisis”
    • Homework:  read p. 200-206 Patrick Henry’s “Speech in the Virginia Convention” and do pre-class annotations
    • Homework: work on speech
  • Wednesday
    • discuss “Speech in the Virginia Convention”
    • Homework: work on speech
  • Thursday
    • Persuasive Speeches due
    • Turn in:
      • Complete sentence outline (typed)
      • Works Cited page (typed)
      • Visual aid
      • Notecard for presentation
  • Friday
    • NO SCHOOL (for you!)–teacher in-service day

Looking ahead–

  • 11/4 Unit 2 Test
  • 11/6 Article of the Week response
  • 11/9 In-class essay #4
  • 11/9 Lit Circle Session 2 (REGULAR ENGLISH)

We’re going to start reading Adventures of Huckleberry Finn soon (during the week of 11/9), so if you didn’t purchase that when you were buying books over the summer, now is the time to do that.

Drama folks–don’t forget to bring your costumes in on Monday. You should also be working on memorizing your lines so that you don’t have to refer to the script this week during practice!

Let’s have another great week!