Speech Projects and Presentations

Your Persuasive Speech projects were due yesterday, and some of you were able to begin presenting. I should have made this rubric available to you beforehand so that you could see concretely what you would be evaluated on. Those of you who volunteered to present yesterday will get a 15 point bonus because of that.

2015-2016 Persuasive Rubric

For the rest of you, take some time to look over this rubric. You have been given the grace of extra time to prepare your speeches because of the weekend, so make sure that you take advantage of that. Your visual aid and your printed materials were due on Friday, so you can’t change whatever grade you’ll get in those categories, but you have power over the rest of your grade–use this time wisely.

There were a few of you who were absent on Friday. You also get the benefit of the extra time, so be prepared to present first on Monday.

Have a good weekend and enjoy this day off. We’ll be thinking about you today as we participate in staff development to better serve you and your needs. As always, my friends, make good choices! I’ll see you on Monday!