2015-16 Week 12 – Nov 2

Happy November! It’s hard to believe that we’re this far into the year already!

This week we’ll finish up listening to Persuasive Speeches and we’ll take a Unit 2 test. We’ll finish the week by working on creating a Google site that we’ll use in our Huck Finn unit. If you don’t have your copy of Huck Finn yet, you’ll need to go ahead and get it this week. Also, if you haven’t finished your Literature Circle books yet (Regular English), you should finish that by Monday or Tuesday. You’ll need to record your Literature Circle 2 videos this week. They’re due next Monday, Nov 9, and remember NO SINGLE SUBMISSIONS will be allowed this time. You must record with your group, so do not wait until the last minute.

Here’s a look at this week:

  • Monday
    • Persuasive Speeches (if you were absent on Friday, be prepared to go first!)
      • Note–some of our students will be taking the Practice ACT today. We’ll do your Persuasive Speeches on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday
    • Persuasive Speeches
    • HONORS–select new Literature Circle books
  • Wednesday
    • Unit 2 Test
  • Thursday
    • Intro to Google Sites
    • Prepare for Huck Finn unit
  • Friday

On Monday, Nov 9, you’ll have your Literature Circle Session 2 videos due, so don’t wait until the last minute!

We’re only 2 and a half weeks from mid-quarter, so make sure that you’re keeping up with your work. I’m available in tutorials every day, so if you’re falling behind or if you’re struggling with something, please come by and talk to me. Don’t wait until the last week of the quarter to start thinking about your grades.

Let’s have a great week!