2015-16 Week 14 – Nov 16

Hello, all! I come to you from the groggy land of pain meds. 🙂 I’m hoping to be a little more clear-headed tomorrow because I’ve got some things to catch up on for you all. 🙂

In class this week, make sure that you’re using your time to read and work on your study guides or your vocab projects. If you’ll use your time in class, you should have plenty of time to get the reading done, leaving you time after school and in the evenings to work on the Multigenre project and your webpages. Please don’t leave those until the last minute–there will NOT be time to get it all done in one night, I promise.

Let’s take a look at this week:

  • Monday
    • Reading quiz on Ch 8-15 in Google Classroom
    • Read Ch 16-20
    • Work on your web pages–you will have a check on your web pages on Friday, and I expect to see some progress on your projects.
  • Tuesday
    • Read Ch 20-24
    • Work on Study Guide and Vocab projects
  • Wednesday
    • Reading Quiz on Ch 16-24 in Google Classroom
    • Read Ch 25-31
    • Work on Study Guide/Vocab Projects
    • Work on Web pages/Multigenre Project
  • Thursday
    • Read Ch 29-32
    • Annotate and respond to Article of the Week (due on Friday)
    • Finish up Vocab Project through Ch 33
  • Friday
    • Article of the Week response due (in Google Classroom)
    • Read Ch 33-36
    • Turn in Vocab Benchmark Ch 1-33 (in Google Classroom)
    • Be prepared for mid-project check on Multigenre Projects. I’ll be checking your web pages to make sure that you’ve made progress.

Remember to use your time wisely in class. Your reading quizzes will be in Google Classroom and will be different for each class, so keep up with your reading. Email me if you have any questions!

Have a great week!

PS–Congrats to our Lady Knights who finished 4th in the State meet! That’s fabulous!