Reflection for Today

Good morning! Happy Tuesday–Happy Advent! I read a reflection this morning that I just have to share with you. I’ll talk about it during prayer in class today, but I wanted you to have a link to be able to read the reflection later, too, if you’d like.

Today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception, which celebrates the fact that God knew He had big plans for Mary–so big, in fact, that he made her special before she was even born. He protected her from the stain of Original Sin. That’s why the angel greeted her by saying, “Hail Mary, full of grace”–she was indeed full of grace, having been saved from Original Sin in preparation for carrying Our Lord on His journey to His human life.

The reflection talks about prayer and praying without ceasing. The little video at the top of the prayer (less than 2 min) is from Dr. Allen Hunt, convert and former mega church pastor. He reminds us of the guys who carried their sick friend on a stretcher to see Jesus. They couldn’t get through the door because the crowd was too thick, so they went to the roof and came down to Jesus through the roof. Just by being in the presence of Jesus their friend was healed. Dr. Hunt tells us that when we pray for others, it’s as if we are bringing our friends and family–whomever we are praying for–on a stretcher to Jesus. Sometimes when we’re hurting or in pain the pain can consume us–it can take over our minds and thoughts and hearts. Praying for others can put them on a spiritual stretcher to bring them before the Lord to ask for healing and strength. Isn’t that beautiful? When we pray for others this Advent, let’t keep this idea in mind and lift our prayers to Jesus. 🙂

Here’s the reflection. Have a great day!!