2015-16 Week 18 – Dec 14

Welcome to Finals Week! Can you believe that, after this week, you’ll be halfway through your Sophomore year?!?

Don’t give up on us now–let’s finish this semester strong. Semester exams are cumulative and worth 20% of your grade, so they’re powerful enough to have a big impact on your average. We have a full day of school on Monday, and I’ll answer any last minute questions about your final. I’m also going to get your feedback about which book you’d like to read for 2nd Semester’s Lit Circles (for REG ENG).

Tuesday-Friday are half days with release at noon. Please make plans to be picked up. You may come by for tutorials after that, but students will not be allowed to simply hang out for the afternoon. Any students in the school building must be supervised by teachers and should be actively engaged in studying.

Here’s our exam schedule:

  • Monday
    • REG ENG–Go to my web site to fill our your Lit Circle Book 2 choice survey.
    • Tutorials after school for exam review
  • Tuesday, Dec 15
    • 7:30-9:40 1st period exam
    • 10-12 A period exam
    • Early release at noon
  • Wednesday, Dec 16
    • 7:30-9:40 2nd period exam
    • 10-12 B period exam
    • Early release at noon
  • Thursday, Dec 17
    • 7:30-9:40 D period exam
    • 10-12 E period exam
    • Early release at noon
  • Friday, Dec 18
    • 7:40-10 C period exam
    • 10:10 Mass in Chapel with Middle School–High School students are welcome to attend (and to volunteer) but are not required to attend mass
    • Early release

I have added a study guide to Google Classroom, so be sure that you’re reviewing that information.

Good luck this week! Before you go, let’s ask for the intercession of St. Catherine of Alexandria, patron saint of students and teachers. Here’s a Prayer Before Exams that I found on the web that some of you may find helpful:

My God, enable me to trust in the good outcome
of the test I am about to take;
help me to contribute my own share
of optimism and confidence.
With your grace, my God,
I hope to crown my efforts with success.
Keep far from me at this moment
any presumption that it all depends
exclusively on me.
You are next to me, my God,
the necessary and welcome presence
in all the moments of my life.
I will take this test, my God,
because it is important
for my personal development.
My God, be the source of my inspiration
in my doubts and uncertainties,
supporting me with your blessing.


Have a great week, everyone, and good luck on exams!