Looking ahead–great (and practical!) articles

Happy almost Christmas! I hope you’re enjoying your break so far. I think I’ve almost recovered from the grading frenzy that is Finals Week. πŸ™‚

These articles came across my newsfeed and I thought they may be helpful to you as you begin 2nd semester. You guys like to talk about how hard my tests are (even though the questions come from the study guides) and that “it’s just so much material” (even though many of you openly admit to waiting until the night before to begin studying). Some of you have told me, frustrated, “but I studied so hard! How could I get (X grade) on that test?!” It could be a matter of how you study rather than if you are studying. Take a look at this article and see if any of these tips help you moving forward:


While I’m at it, another problem that some of you are having is that you’re just not reading. I promise you, if you will read and annotate as you go, you will remember more and you will do better on my exams. Some of you are getting by (or trying to) by reading SparkNotes, eNotes, or Schmoop. You may think this will do the trick, and it might for the short term test, but it won’t help you with the writing or especially on the bigger exams. That’s one reason that we have short answer tests. It’s harder to do well on them if you haven’t done the reading.

In the spirit of helping you get through some of the reading that you might see as boring, check out this link, too:


Enough from me this morning! Get back to enjoying your family. πŸ™‚ I’m sure that I’ll see some of you at mass during the coming week, but I want to wish all of you a very blessed Christmas. Remember why we’re all here and what our end goal is–not to be the richest or smartest or most successful, but to be as humble and loving as the tiny Christ child who birth we so lovingly anticipate this Christmas season. Happy Tuesday, y’all, and Merry Christmas!