2015-16 Week 19 – Jan 5

Welcome back! I’ve missed you and I’m ready to get back to work. I hope that you’re all rested up and ready to work, too. 🙂

We’re going to get back into our work with DGP this week, too, so make sure that you bring your DGP workbook to class every day. A couple of you still haven’t purchased yours, and I’ve got a few extra copies, so come see me during tutorials if that’s you. 🙂

Let’s look at this week:

  • Monday, Jan 4
    • Teacher Work Day–enjoy your last day off!
  • Tuesday, Jan 5
    • DGP
    • ACT Writing Prompt–we’re going to go through an example ACT Writing prompt together so that you can see the kinds of things you should be doing as you write essays for me and prepare for your ACT in the Spring or next Fall.
  • Wednesday, Jan 6
    • DGP
    • Introduction to “Transcendentalism”
    • Introduce Ralph Waldo Emerson and “Self-Reliance”
  • Thursday, Jan 7
    • DGP
    • Continue discussing “Self-Reliance”
    • Introduce Henry David Thoreau and “Civil Disobedience”
  • Friday, Jan 8
    • DGP
    • Finish discussing “Civil Disobedience”
    • Introduce Modern Transcendentalism Project (due 1/15)

Next week we’ll have an in-class essay (on Monday). Don’t forget that you should be working on reading your Literature Circle novel. Everyone in your group should be finished with the novel at least one week before the Lit Cir session deadline so that you’ll have time to do your recording.

Let’s have a great week!