2015-16 Week 20 – Jan 11

Happy Sunday night, Sophomores! I’m a little later posting than I normally do, so most of you will probably be reading this on Monday. That’s ok–I told you all last week that we’d be doing an in-class essay on Monday, and you don’t need to do anything to prepare for that because you should have already reviewed the process notes that I gave you last week.

We’re going to move into our discussion of poetry this week. Many students have preconceived notions about poetry–it’s hard or it doesn’t make sense or it’s boring–but I’ll argue that all that if you can appreciate a good song, you’ll be able to learn to appreciate poetry. Who knows–you may even learn to like it! I’ll be giving you a calendar of what to expect from this unit in the next day or two (by Wednesday, at least). 🙂

Let’s take a look at this week:

  • Monday, January 11
    • In class Essay #5–ACT-style prompt
  • Tuesday, January 12
    • Finish up discussion of “Civil Disobedience”
    • Bring Lit Circle novels to class for silent reading if we finish discussion early
    • March for Life attendees–6:30 pm Pilgrim and Parent meeting at Holy Spirit. If you cannot attend, be sure to see Mr. Castanza on Monday or Tuesday to be sure you have the essential information.
  • Wednesday, January 13
    • Intro Poetry unit
    • Discuss “How to Read a Poem” prezi (link will be in Google Classroom)
    • Discuss Poetry Terms
    • HW: Begin memorizing poetry terms
  • Thursday, January 14
    • Pop Music + Classic Poetry, Day One
    • HW: Finish questions from sheet, if not done in class
    • TURNITIN DEADLINE, 9pm–Essay #5 final draft
  • Friday, January 15
    • Pop Music + Classic Poetry, Day Two
    • Article of the Week due on Google Classroom
    • Modern Transcendentalism projects due in class
    • HW:  Finish questions from sheet, if not done in class

Just a word of update–my physical therapy session start in earnest this week (my first session was last Friday), so I’ll be heading out right as tutorials end on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’ve also got to go to Birmingham on Tuesday for a dr’s appointment, so I won’t have tutorials at all that day.

Let’s have a great week!