2015-16 Week 22 — Jan 25

Hey! Did you know it snowed in Washington, DC? Just kidding! I’m sure your Instagram has blown up with pics of the March and the snow. 🙂  We’re actually still snowed in–there’s probably 2 feet of snow on the ground and its drifting because of the wind. I was coming in and it took me 10 min to go 1 ft because my leg would sink down into the snow up to my thigh! Then I got smart and rolled over the bank to get to solid ground. 🙂 I’ll post lots of pics in coming days and you’ll hear all about our pilgrimage and the wonderful Mass for Life and March for Life events.

At this point, I’m not sure if I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday, but Mrs. Newell will be there with you if I can’t. 🙂 As an update, I’m pushing back two deadlines this week:

  • Thurs, Jan 28 at 9pm–TURNITIN.COM deadline for Essay#5
  • Fri, Jan 29–printed copy and rough draft of Essay #5 due IN CLASS
  • Mon, Feb 1–Poetry Gallery Projects and Presentations

This will push back the test, too, but I’m not sure when that will be until I know when we can get home.

This week:

  • Mon, Jan 25
    • Finish movie
    • Silent reading (Lit Circle) or work on essay
  • Tues, Jan 26
    • poetry (to be determined)
  • Wed, Jan 27
    • poetry (to be determined)
  • Thurs, Jan 28
    • poetry (to be determined)
    • Essay #5 due on TURNITIN by 9pm
  • Fri, Jan 29
    • poetry (to be determined)
    • Essay #5 due PRINTED and IN CLASS

I’ll have more info once I know what our travel schedule will be. Thank you for the prayers!!