2015-16 Week 23 — Feb 1

Happy Sunday!

I’m sure you’re all furiously working away to finish your Poetry Cafe project (WHY do you wait until the last minute every time??), but here we are at Sunday night again. 🙂 Friday of this week (2/5) is the midpoint of the quarter, so we’ll be doing a grade snapshot for eligibility. If you’re missing any work for the semester so far, you need to get it in by Friday or it will not count and you will not be able to make it up. I’m working on getting all of the Articles of the Weeks graded–I’ve done them all except 1/25–and I’ve got to grade the Honors Lit Circle Session 2 videos, too. I haven’t started grading your final drafts yet, but I’ll be working on those this week and should have them into PowerSchool before Friday.

Your Spoken Word Poem Presentations are tomorrow (Monday, 2/1). You should have memorized the poem that you chose for your Poetry Gallery Project, and you’ll stand up and present it in class. If you’re not ready to go when I call your name, you’ll receive a late penalty, so make sure that you’re ready on Monday.

Don’t forget that your permission slip for Wednesday’s field trip to Alabama Shakespeare Festival for Ain’t Misbehavin’ is due MONDAY, Feb 1. You don’t want to be stuck at school while the rest of us are grooving to the poetry and jazz of the Harlem Renaissance!

Let’s take a look at this week:

  • Monday, Feb 1
    • Permission slip for field trip due
    • Poetry Gallery Projects due (Test grade)
    • HONORS Lit Letter due (Test grade)
    • Spoken Word Poem Presentations begin (Project grade)
  • Tuesday, Feb 2
    • Spoken Word Poem Presentations continue
  • Wednesday, Feb 3
    • Field trip to Alabama Shakespeare Festival (9am-1pm), Papa John’s lunch in DBC when we get back
    • Reading day for classes that meet before and after, so be sure to bring your Lit Circle book. If you don’t have a Lit Circle book to read, I’m going to hand you a different novel to read. This will be SILENT reading time.
  • Thursday, Feb 4
    • Helen poems/comparison
  • Friday, Feb 5
    • Blackout poems
    • Article of the Week due (in Google Classroom)

We’ve got a couple of things coming up next week, too:

  • Tuesday, Feb 9
    • Poetry and Transcendentalism Test
    • **This may be moved to Wednesday, Feb 10, depending on schedule for Mardi Gras Prayer Breakfast and Ash Wednesday, or I might split this test up over two days. I’ll let you know once I know the schedule for those two things.
  • Thursday, Feb 11
    • DGP 3rd Quarter test. You’ll need to be able to do the labeling for each day on your own:
      • Monday–Parts of Speech
      • Tuesday–Parts of Sentence
      • Wednesday–Clauses and Sentence Types/Purpose
      • Thursday–Capitalization and Punctuation
      • Friday–Diagram
    • If you need help with this, come to tutorials. I’ll be there for tutorials every day this week until at least 3:15. On Tuesday and Thursday, I can be there later.
  • Monday, March 7
    • REG ENG–Lit Circle Session 1 videos due
    • Make sure to have your book finished by the end of February. I know that many of you haven’t started reading yet, so don’t put this off and endanger the rest of your group! Come up with a plan to break up the novel so that you can get this done by the end of February, giving you the first week of March to do your Lit Circle Session 1 video.

Once we get through this poetry unit, we’ll do a short unit on the Harlem Renaissance and then we’ll switch over to reading and discussing Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. After that we’ll read the novels The Great Gatsby and Fahrenheit 451 and we’ll read some contemporary fiction. 2nd semester always flies past, so make sure that you’re keeping up with your work and don’t get behind!

Have a great week, Sophomores!