2015-16 Week 24 — Feb 8

Hello again, everyone! We’re at the midpoint of 3rd quarter (on Friday), so I hope that you’re all caught up and focused. If not, then this is the time to buckle down and get focused!

Regular English, you’re about a month away from your 1st Lit Circle deadline for this book. You need to be halfway through your book by the end of February so that you can do your recording that first week of March. The deadline is March 7. We’ll start discussing The Great Gatsby on Feb 22, so don’t wait until the last minute to do your Lit Circle reading. Otherwise, you’ll have to read two novels at one time.

Honors English, I’ll add a survey link to Google Classroom so that you can upload your book choices for your 3rd Lit Circle book. Don’t forget that you need to make sure that at least one of the novels you read this year is a Classic, so if you’ve already read two Young Adult novels, you will need to choose a Classic. Look for that later this evening.

Let’s take a look at this week:

  • Monday, Feb 8
    • Reg Eng–work in table groups to make sure that your study guides are complete
    • Hon Eng–discuss “Success is counted sweetest” and “I Hear America Sing”
  • Tuesday, Feb 9
    • Poetry and Transcendentalism Test (part 1)
    • Mardi Gras Prayer Breakfast
  • Wednesday, Feb 10
    • Finish Poetry and Transcendentalism Test (part 2)
    • Review DGP
    • Ash Wednesday mass–wear mass uniforms!
  • Thursday, Feb 11
    • DGP Quarter 3 test
  • Friday, Feb 12
    • Introduce Harlem Renaissance
    • Introduce Harlem Renaissance Project

We’re going to spend a week on the Harlem Renaissance, and then we’ll move into discussing The Great Gatsby. I’ll give you a reading schedule for that novel next week, but it might be helpful for you to go ahead and start reading. You should have bought this novel when you purchased your textbooks at the beginning of the year.

Let’s have a great week this week! It’ll be a busy week of testing for you (and grading for me!), but we can work hard and knock it out!