2015-16 Week 26 — Feb 22

It’s Sunday afternoon again and that means that it’s time for the weekly update!

If you’re going to Dothan to cheer on the Varsity Girls Basketball team, make sure that you wear your full uniform tomorrow (Monday). You can bring a Catholic shirt to change into before we get on the bus. On that note–just bring your things for 1st period but NO LAPTOP, unless you can put your laptop in your locker. You can’t bring those things on the bus. Don’t forget to bring money for lunch, etc.

You should be finishing up your Harlem Renaissance project. I posted something about it yesterday, so scroll down a bit for more details. I’ve had a couple of you email because you can’t find the URL for your Google website. The easiest way to do that is to go into your student email and look for the grid of 9 squares up by your name in the upper right corner. Click on that, and you’ll see My Account, Drive, Sheets, etc. You may see Sites there, or you might need to click on More and scroll through the list. Either way, you’ll want to click on Sites, and that’ll take you to a list of the Google Sites that you have. Most of you probably just have the one. You can edit your site by following that path. 🙂

Let’s take a look at this week:

  • Monday, February 22
    • Reading Day!
      • REG ENG–bring your Lit Circle book and read! You should be halfway through with this book by the end of February!
      • HON ENG–I’ll have your Lit Circle assignments up tonight. You can read that book or another book (just not a textbook).
  • Tuesday, February 23
    • Harlem Renaissance Projects due (-20 pts for every day late!)
    • Presentations
  • Wednesday, February 24
    • Harlem Renaissance Project presentations
  • Thursday, February 25
    • Finish Harlem Renaissance Project presentations
    • Introduce Modernism
  • Friday, February 26
    • Introduction to The Great Gatsby
    • Reading homework for The Great Gatsby begins! I’ll give you a schedule this week (probably Tuesday or Wednesday). You will have reading homework every night while we’re working on this novel. Make sure to keep up with the reading–there will be reading quizzes along the way. 🙂
    • Article of the Week due! (in Google Classroom)

Let’s have a great week!