Harlem Renaissance Project reminders

Happy Saturday, y’all! I wanted to give you some reminders about your Harlem Renaissance project.

Before I do that, though, if you’re going on the bus to the basketball game on Monday, make sure that you wear your REGULAR UNIFORM to school. You may change into a MCPS shirt before we leave. If you are staying, my regular English classes will have a reading day for reading Lit Circle books. HONORS folks will have a reading day, too. I’ll get your Lit Circle assignments up tonight, but you can read any novel on Monday.

On to the Harlem Renaissance project:

  • I moved the due date to Tuesday, 2/23.
  • This project counts as a TEST grade. You will lose 20 pts every day it is turned in late.
  • You should create a new top level page on your Google Site blog for your Harlem Renaissance project. See my Sample page here so that you can see how it is set up:  https://sites.google.com/a/montgomerycatholic.org/mrs-turner-test-site/
  • Add a link for your finished Prezi to your Google Site.
  • Refer to the image below to make sure you have all of the components for this project:



I’ll be back with another post tomorrow to update you about the coming week!