2015-16 Week 27 — Feb 29

Happy Sunday!

It looks like we’re going to have to shift our schedule for The Great Gatsby a bit already. Make sure to review the schedule below to see what to expect this week. You can also download an updated version here. I’m going to upload the study guide for The Great Gatsby to Google Classroom. This study guide is not required, but I’m considering giving you extra credit if you complete it and turn it in on test day. **IF I do decide to do that, your answers must be original and not copy/pasted from each other and/or the internet or other source, including Quizlet.**

Let’s look at this week:

  • Monday, Feb 29
    • Finish Harlem Renaissance Presentations
    • Silent Reading day when finished (The Great Gatsby or Lit Circle novels)
  • Tuesday, Mar 1
    • Introduce Modernism (Prezi–link in Google Classroom)
    • Discuss Ch 1
    • Homework: Read Ch 2
  • Wednesday, Mar 2
    • Ch 2 Reading Quiz
    • Discuss Ch 2
    • Homework: Read Ch 3
  • Thursday, Mar 3
    • Ch 3 Reading Quiz
    • Discuss Ch 3
    • Living the Good Life/Finance activity
    • Homework: Read Ch 4
    • Essay #6 Final Draft Turnitin.com deadline at 9pm
  • Friday, Mar 4
    • Gatsby Group discussion/video recording Ch 1-3
    • Essay #6 Final Draft (printed!) due in class

Let’s have a great week!