Being a Seeker

I’ll be back with my usual Sunday Weekly Update shortly, but first I wanted to share some thoughts and reflections with you guys. 🙂

I had an interesting conversation with a student this week. This particular student recognizes that she has some weaknesses in her knowledge, and she’s got big goals. To that end, she asked for my help with expanding her vocabulary. She said that sometimes she’s frustrated to see her classmates sitting idly and not taking advantage of the opportunities around them. She is what I’d call a seeker–she’s just hungry for knowledge and for growth, and she’s willing to work hard to grow. It’s pretty awesome, and I’ll tell you that I–and the rest of her teachers–will do what we can to help her grow. Any time you see someone working hard to grow and improve, how can you not help that person??

At any rate, this reminded me of a conversation that I had during the March for Life trip, and I was reminded of it again this morning at mass. One of the people on the trip asked why it had been so easy at the Mass for Life (in the Verizon Center with 10,000+ people) to feel connected to the Holy Spirit and sometimes so hard to feel the same connectedness at our own school masses. Another student had the best response:  “If you want to feel that closeness again, you just have to keep looking for it. You have to go and seek it out. Keep going to events like this, to youth group, to retreats. Don’t go to mass waiting to be filled–seek Him out. That’s how you’ll find the connection. That’s how you’ll feel close.”

Indeed. I’m not sure I could have said that better. And this little nugget of wisdom came from one of you–from one of your classmates. She’s a seeker, too.

Today at mass, Father Driscoll talked about God and the fact that he’s always there for us, but that we have to ask for His help. He’s not going to force himself on us. When we go to mass looking to be filled up, sure, we might get a little inspiration here and there, but the best way to connect is to relax into the rhythms and familiarity of mass (or whatever worship service you participate in) and let it draw you deeper. It’s not until we ask–until we seek for ourselves–that the Holy Spirit can engulf our hearts like it did the Burning Bush in the time of Moses.

This, honestly, is no different than what I’m always telling you. Look for the connections. As you move through your life, look for the connections. Look for connections in what your teachers are telling you and try to connect with things you already know and have experienced. Look for connections in your faith journey. Look for connections in the news and use that to help you make more informed choices. Look for connections.

Be a seeker. It is in seeking that we’ll all grow and if we’re not growing then we’re dying. Let’s all work on being a seeker. 🙂