2015-16 Week 28 — March 7

Hello, again! I hope that you’ve had an enjoyable weekend!

I enjoyed listening to your Gatsby discussion group recordings. Some groups did better than others–remember that it should be a true discussion. Look over the questions (they’re on the very last page of your study guide, and I also gave you copies of the questions a week or two ago) and make sure that you’re prepared to discuss everything. Look up the things that you don’t understand–a precedent (pre-CEE-dent) is something that has never been done before, for example–so that you’re ready to answer the questions when you get to group. A few of you clearly hadn’t read and were just trying to keep it general or trying to play off what your group-mates were saying. I let you slide this time, but I’m going to be much more critical on this week’s recording. If I don’t think that you know what you’re talking about, your grade will reflect that. Otherwise, it’s good to see you all discussing the novel, and I think small group discussions like this let some of you who might be on the quiet side in some of our bigger classes still express your opinion, so yay! Because most of you did a great job, I am not going to give you reading quizzes this week. Don’t let me down, though! If I think you’re not reading, the quizzes will come back.

We’ll continue to discuss The Great Gatsby this week. Here’s the schedule:

  • Monday, March 7
    • Gatsby Ch 4 discussions
    • Homework: Ch 5
    • REG ENG–Lit Circle 1 (Book 2) video due
  • Tuesday, March 8
    • Gatsby Ch 5 discussions
    • Homework: Ch 6
  • Wednesday, March 9
    • Gatsby Ch 6
    • Homework Ch 7
  • Thursday, March 10
    • Lenten Penance Service (I think!)–I believe that we’re having the Lenten Penance Service today. That will probably mean that we’ll be in our 3rd block (A period, I think) for an extended period of time. I’ll advise you about what to do for this on Wednesday, but just be aware that it will probably occur. If it does happen during A block, my Honors folks should definitely be prepared to record their Lit Circle videos on this day (they’re due on Mon, March 14).
    • Gatsby Ch 7
    • Homework Ch 8
  • Friday, March 11
    • Gatsby Group Recordings

I think that’s it for the week! There are some events going on this week that you should be aware of:

Countdown to College Presentation
Thursday, March 10, at 6:30 in the DBC
This would be a good thing for your parents (and you, probably) to attend to start thinking about what you’ll do as you prepare for college.

End of Quarter 3
Friday, March 11
Friday is the end of 3rd quarter. Any work from midquarter until now must be turned in by Tuesday, March 8. Otherwise that work will remain a 0. Please keep your eye on your grades and keep up with anything that you might have missed. If you’re absent, remember that it is your responsibility to come and see me in tutorials to find out what you’ve missed.

Let’s have a great week!