2015-16 Week 29 — March 14

Only this week and next week until Easter Break! We can do it! We’ve got quite a bit of work to do between now and then, so make sure to stay focused and keep reading (or start reading if you’re one of those who hasn’t–it’s VERY clear in the Gatsby Group recordings who is reading and who isn’t).

One quick word of order before I get into the schedule for the week. Our grades are due first thing on Monday morning. If you haven’t submitted your Gatsby Group #2 recording yet (and there are several groups who haven’t), then you must do that today so that I can listen to it and grade it before tomorrow morning. You currently have a 0 in the gradebook for it. Upload yours to the Late Work post that is near the top of the Google Classroom thread and then send me an email to let me know that you’ve uploaded your recording. You won’t lose points for it, but it helps for it to be there with fewer things.

Now, on to this week!

  • Monday, Mar 14
    • In-class essay #7
    • HW:  Read Ch 6
    • HON–Lit Circle video 1 (book 3) due
  • Tuesday, Mar 15
    • Gatsby, Ch 6 Reading Quiz
    • Discuss Ch 6
    • HW: Read Ch 7
  • Wednesday, Mar 16
    • Gatsby, Ch 7 Reading Quiz
    • Discuss Ch 7
    • HW:  Read Ch 8
  • Thursday, Mar 17
    • Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! 🙂
    • Discuss Ch 8
    • Gatsby Group discussions Ch 6-8
    • HW: Read Ch 9
  • Friday, Mar 18
    • Lenten Service Day!

Don’t forget that Friday, Mar 18, is the last day that you can look at my study guide notes in tutorials! Your Gatsby test is in two parts on Wednesday, 3/23, and Thursday, 3/24.

Have a great week!